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The mission of the Polymers Foundation is to advance research and education as they relate to polymer science.

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In 2017, The Joe Bennett Endowment was added to the Foundation to fund research projects, scholarships and more.

Joseph Y. Bennett Endowment

The Polymers Foundation accepts monetary donations. These donations form the basis for the center’s operations.

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The Polymers Foundation supports companies, organizations, and individuals in the advancement of the polymers industry. Our goal is to be the catalyst for development and progress of polymers. We build relationships and invest in people, providing them with research and educational opportunities relating to polymer science.

On June 28th, 1998, The Polymers Foundation, Inc. was officially incorporated in the state of North Carolina as a 501 (c) (3) entity. The purpose of the foundation is to advance charitable efforts, scientific understanding, and educational objectives as they relate to polymers.

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Our Board of Directors and staff at the Polymers Foundation are committed to increasing interaction with the polymers community and assist companies and individuals in their pursuit of success in the polymers field. We support strategies that take a far-reaching approach but remain flexible in order to adapt to new opportunities. This allows us to make the greatest impact in the industry.

Our Donor Partners

We feel a great sense of accountability to our donors and partners. At the Polymers Foundation, we acknowledge the generosity of our contributors. We continually seek like-minded partners to join us in programs that support our mission. As an organization, we seek to emulate the willingness to build relationships and improve connections that is shown by our donor groups.

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